Here are the maps that currently exist in Project Powder:

Oblivion Part 1
Oblivion Part 2
Smallpox Part 1
Smallpox Part 3
Eisen Watercourse Part 1
Chagall Part 1
ChaChapoyas Part 1
ChaChapoyas Part 2

Oblivion Part 1Edit

Map thum oblivion part1

Oblivion is a slope situated between Delphinus Resort to the middle
of Herateme Mountain range to the port.

Riders can also enjoy the many hot springs that the slope offers,
as well as one mean, yet entertaining course.
If you are new to the sport, Oblivion might be the perfect place
to elevate your learning curve.

Difficulty rating Icon star onIcon star on / Course length 3260 m

Oblivion Part 2Edit

Map thum oblivion part2

One of the two courses you can take from Herateme Mountains to the port.

Oblivion Part 2 features active volcanic terrain as well as a long U-shaped
valley that doubles as an ultimate half pipe. With proper control,
even new users can enjoy good old-fashioned snowboard tricks.

Difficulty Icon star onIcon star on / Course length 3380 m

Smallpox Part 1Edit

Map thum smallpox part1

This course was once overrun by unknown diseases,
hence the name it bears.

However, cold weather wiped out most of the germs and it became
the first settlers settled in.
Contrary to the name, it features easy topography and smooth jump courses
giving one of the most pleasurable rides ever.

Difficulty Icon star onIcon star on / Course length 3549 m

Smallpox Part 3Edit

Map thum smallpox part3

This is the third installment of the Smallpox course.

This course lets you perfect jumping and racing abilities.
Being relatively easy and accessible,
it's a popular destination for many.

Difficulty Icon star onIcon star on / Course length 3578 m

Eisen Watercourse Part 1Edit

Map thum eisen part1

The course starts from Strait Valley and ends at Planet Consul Castle.

If you do call yourself a rider, it is one of those courses
that most dream of taking on.
This course offers a variety of beautiful scenery that add extra edge to
an already exciting run.
From novice to med-level players, this course will not disappoint you.

Difficulty Icon star onIcon star onIcon star on / Course length 4570 m

Chagall Part 1Edit

Map thum chagall part1

Like its name suggests, the course’s name was inspired from great
master Chagall’s master piece, “I and the village”.

Like the masterpiece painting, the course features some choice yet
easy runs throughout.

Difficulty Icon star on / Course length 4794 m
Available channels: Rendisis or above

Chachapoyas Part 1Edit

Map thum chachapoyas part1

Not much is known about the ancient Chachapoyans,
however their remains on the top of Harateme mountains makes people
wonder how they were able to survive in such treacherous environments.

This course is filled with sharp edges and drops.
You have to survive through the drops and arrive at the thousand year trees.

Difficulty Icon star onIcon star onIcon star onIcon star on / Course length 3378 m

Chachapoyas Part 2Edit

Map thum chachapoyas part2

2nd part of the original Chachapoyas course,
it features more of high cliffs that sends riders to their edges.
Keep your cool and even a novice riders can learn to enjoy
this historical course.

Difficulty Icon star onIcon star on / Course length 4794 m

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